Victoria Stone/Stag Beetle Necklace

Victoria Stone/Stag Beetle Necklace


**One of a Kind**

This double sided pendant features a hand sawed Stag beetle on one side and a truly unique Victoria Stone on the other side. Victoria Stone is a chatoyant reconstructed natural stone that was created by a man named Dr. Imori. He passed away before disclosing his process and no one has been able to duplicate Dr. Imori’s results. For that reason, this material is limited, scarce, and will be more difficult to acquire over time.

Stone - Victoria Stone

Metal - Sterling Silver

Length - rope chain - 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, or 30” - please specify what length chain you would like during checkout

Pendant Dimensions - approximately 1 1/4" long & 1 1/8" wide

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